special support

Our team studies and designs specific fuel SAVER for engines and heating measure with super-strong magnetic arranged in a specific way.

We conducted a study of your HEATING or engines organization to offer you the best solutions. magnetic Saver for a engines worker's vehicle or truck is not the same.

The study of your heating system or your engine allow us to know how much performance you can win with the contribution of our solutions.

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technical support

Once the installation of savers has been made, we support you in the calculation methodology and we follow with you the evolution of the yield curve.

If the outcome is not up to the proposals on our installation contract, the purchase of the system is refund (ie the hardware part).

HISTORY Of saver

During World War II, the electromagnets saver were used on the Mustang fighter aircraft (United States), Hurricane and Spitfire (GB) allies to increase their range. At the same time, the German Messerschmitt developed a device surrounded by ceramic magnetic rods through which the fuel effect, to minimize exhaust fumes of black fighters and bombers (better combustion means less exhaust emissions) .

Since the beginning of the last century, numerous observations were made for action, including recognized and different laboratories have shown that when a magnetic saver is well designed, it provides an efficient and effective improving the combustion is unambiguous.