heating Energy

For the burner / boiler

For all liquid or gaseous fuel for generating heat for heating, providing hot water, cooking, drying, melting, surface treatment, etc.

Engine Energy

for mobile or stationary engines

powered by petrol, diesel, LPG or CNG. This includes automobiles vehicles, trucks, two-wheelers, commercial vehicles, vehicles of public works, go-carts, lifting gear, fishing boats, pleasure boats, compressors, electrical generators.

Custom Industrial Offer

in each case our team is studying the best ways to develop the saver moduls in adequacy with the system to equip.

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We provide applications to reduce fouling by tartar. This applies to pipe water for individuals, craftsmen or industrial applications to reduce the deposit of tartar.

This system also applies to the food industry especially in the production of beverages (beer, milk, cidre...) with a reduction of cleaning cycles and bacterial pollution.