what we offer

Our solutions are divided into three groups:
1) For the burner / boiler so all liquid or gaseous fuel for generating heat for heating, providing hot water, cooking, drying, melting, surface treatment, etc..
2) For stationary or mobile engines powered by petrol, diesel, LPG or CNG.
3) For the treatment of water

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About Company

The obligation to preserve the environment and our natural energy resources is becoming more obvious today. look around to see how our engines and our heaters ARE pollutING the air we breathe.

The effects of this pollution ARE addition to those already accumulated. The increase in world population and the emergence of many industrial COUNTRY make this problem even more urgent to resolve.

The same danger threaten other equilibria such as biodiversity and water.

why choose us

We are AN innovative French company that designs and manufactures special modules, patented internationally. Our research and development center makes every effort to provide solutions by the latest technical and scientific advances

These Solutions can improve the thermal efficiencies of engines and boilers consume less and pollute less. These solutions are easy to install without major modifications of the facilities guests. They are cheap so fast a payback, maintenance and warranties.

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